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To say that the UK attraction sector has been hit hard by the global pandemic would be an understatement. As we write this item it's looking highly unlikely that international tourists will be pouring into the nation’s venues and attractions any time soon. And with foreign travel currently unlawful the British public are preparing for holidays at home.


Staycation 2021 - the great British beach holiday


What a year!
As a supplier of bespoke garments to the cultural sector, we have had a tough year. Attractions closed and the stock started to gather dust on the shop shelves up and down the UK. A small number of attractions have been able to pivot to digital and obtain some income from online sales, but the volumes required to sustain these organisations come from feet on the ground - they need their visitors back!

So as restrictions start to lift, attractions can expect to see a flood of 'staycationers' through their doors. Starting first with outdoor venues such as zoos and theme parks and then later in the year the opening up of museums and historical buildings.

Staycation 2021: Kingfisher Giftwear supply garments to Lands Ends visitor attraction
Devon and Cornwall top the list for 2021 staycation hotspots

Merchandise revenue
The extra revenue from selling T-Shirts, hoodies, baseball caps and other garments often contributes hugely to the running costs of attractions. There is an opportunity as we go back-to-business to recoup some of the losses of the last 12 months.

Staycation 2021: The Needles Isle of Wight, supplied by Kingfisher Giftwear

Carefully curated collections of merchandise will help boost income, creative venues may opt to introduce new designs which highlight the special times we are in, celebrating the Brit on a staycation holiday. There's a thought that some holidaymakers will have extra cash to spend as they had limited spending opportunities over the last year and their holiday costs may be significantly less than those associated with taking the family abroad.

The months ahead
There's a lot to be optimistic about in the months ahead. Whilst we won't be seeing international tourists we can guarantee that, when it's safe to do so, the British public will come in their droves.

A range of products produced by Kingfisher Giftwear

A range of products and packaging designs from Kingfisher Giftwear.

The opportunity the cultural sector has is to re-connect with the domestic tourist market, delight them and they will become your brand ambassadors. And you know what? Unlike international travellers, the Brits will come to you time and time again.

Check your stock, think about special designs for the staycation nation and give Kingfisher Giftwear a call to help you make it happen.




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